2019 Annual Impact Report

Our Mission is to Create Economic Stability through Financial Advocacy and Counseling. CCCSMD – also known as Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Maryland and Delaware, Inc. – has been helping thousands of consumers and families regain control of their financial lives and set them on their path to financial independence since 1966. CCCSMD utilizes a holistic approach focusing on the individual and their unique goals and circumstances.

The services that we received from CCCSMD were absolutely awesome! They were very knowledgeable and explained to us the steps we needed to take to improve our credit. In addition, they was very patient with all the questions we had. I would definitely recommend this program to a friend. As an update; my husband and I are currently working with a realtor and lender in hopes to move into our first home by June 2020. – Lateya Sport, CCCSMD Client