Amos Malone—Emergency Savings/DMP

When They Came to Guidewell Financial

As he approached 40, Amos Malone had his own successful delivery business. He’d always worked and loves being self-employed. But, Amos says, “All my life I was reckless with my money. It was just fun in the sun. I made bad choices with my money, didn’t take care of my credit.” So after his first marriage ended in divorce, Amos decided it was time to make a change. “It was the time to get my priorities in order,” he says. “I knew what I wanted to do. I needed to find the right place to help me do it.”  He called Guidewell Financial.

How Guidewell Financial Helped

When Amos first came to Guidewell Financial, his mind was set that he wanted to get his bills paid and change the way he handled his money. His Guidewell Financial counselor gave him the tools to be able to do both. “Everything my counselor gave me was valuable,” Amos says. One of the things Amos did was get on a Debt Management Plan (DMP), to get his debt under control. Guidewell Financial also enrolled Amos and his new wife into the emergency savings program, a service that makes it easy for people to save money even while they’re paying down debt. “The Guidewell Financial counselors were uplifting and encouraging,” says Amos.


After less than two years, Amos has taken control of his finances. He has short- and long-term goals. His debt will be paid off in another year. Saving is a priority now. He and his wife have four savings accounts they want to use to pay for their retirement, their children’s college, and emergencies. Their two emergency savings accounts are especially helpful. “We can’t easily get to them. They’re a good boundary,” Amos says. And he’s teaching his kids about money. “I’m setting a good example on the homefront. I tell my kids to budgetdon’t spend everything they have. They get sick of me sometimes, but I know even if they make mistakes along the way, they won’t forget the tools.”

“It makes me feel good to see where I came from, where I am now, and what I am making for my future.”

– Amos Malone

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