Budgeting for Savings

Savings Part 1: Budgeting for Savings

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Budgeting for Savings There’s a line item in my budget that I’ve always struggled with – savings.  This should be the easiest line item because it’s my money that I am putting away for myself. But I can’t tell you how many times…

Savings Part 2: Enjoying the Savings Journey

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Enjoying the Savings Journey, One Dollar at a Time I used to get very discouraged with my savings account. As soon as I managed to save $100, some emergency would come up that depleted the balance to zero again.  I knew I wanted to save 3-6…

Savings Part 3: Savings made simple

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Having some money stored away is one of the best feelings I have ever had.  I don’t crave being rich but I do crave feeling secure. Having a savings account buys me that security and makes me ready to face whatever challenges are thrown my…