Saving Money with Electric Vehicles

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In addition to the fuel savings, EVs don’t require much of the typical maintenance needed for an ICE vehicle as they have significantly fewer moving parts. Electric vehicles also utilize regenerative braking to slow the car by putting energy back into the battery, which greatly reduces the wear and tear on brake pads and rotors.

Are You Living Within Your Business Means?

The key to achieving long term financial success is to balance your investments and business expenses with your income to ensure that you’re operating within your means. You may need to invest in a variety of products, services, tools and technologies to help your business grow, but these investments should always be made with a sound budget in mind.

Planning for Car Insurance Costs and Changes in Premium Rates

Most people don't think about car insurance until they have to and then it can be a huge shock to learn that rates went up. To help you prepare, here is some valuable information that can help you plan for car insurance costs and changes in…
Credit Counseling

Two Personal Financial Apps that Changed our Finances

When my wife and I began carefully budgeting four years ago, we sat down and developed a budget and a system for tracking our spending. In the old days, we may have handwritten a list to track our purchases or put cash in envelopes to use throughout the month, but this is 2022, and there are now more options available than ever for tracking your finances.

Affordable Summer Fun

Every summer brings the challenge of trying to cram as much fun into two months as possible without depleting your bank account.  Summer of 2021 promises to be much better than 2020 as CDC guidelines are relaxed and traditional events and activities…

Spring Cleaning and Financial Health

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As the weather warms up, the days get longer, we are spending more time outside with friends and family, caring for our yard and cars as well as the exterior features of our home.  Some of us also find ourselves cleaning more inside this time…

Demystifying the Amortization Schedule

Amortization. It can be a daunting word, but it’s not as complicated as it sounds. When it comes to mortgages, amortization refers to a debt being paid down with fixed monthly payments over a fixed period of time. A typical home loan is…

An Affordable Valentine’s Day: Romance on a Budget

If improving your financial health is one of your goals for 2022, traditional Valentine’s Day festivities, such as romantic dinners or extravagant gifts might make your heart beat faster - and not in the “falling in love” kind of way.…

Saving Money through Meal Planning

For many people, food can be the hardest line item in their budget to manage.  One of the most common money saving tips for food is meal planning.  However, the thought of meal planning may be overwhelming, especially if you typically live…

New Year’s Resolutions to Build Wealth

It's that time of year again - time to set your new year’s resolutions.  Common goals usually revolve around weight loss, but do not forget about the other areas of your life that might benefit from a fresh start.  That way, if you fall…

The Financial Life of Pets

One of the most heartwarming scenes in movies is when a child receives a puppy he/she has been wishing for.  The first few moments when a dog meets its new owner, or when they are reunited after a long time apart, can make even the strongest…

Understand the Federal Tax Deferral before it’s too Late

If you are a federal employee or member of the military, the 6.2% social security tax withholding on your regular paycheck is currently on a mandatory deferral until January 2021 if your taxable wages are below a certain threshold; $4,000 per…

Budgeting in a Crisis

We are a few months into the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects are being felt hard by Americans, especially financially.  While states are starting to lift restrictions, the economy will not automatically bounce back.  We need to prepare to…

Teaching and Entertaining Your Kids During Social Distancing

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Social Distancing is hard for everyone and those with kids at home really know how long it can take for an hour to go by.  Since the COVID-19 crisis, many great resources for entertaining children at home have popped up.  From virtual field…

Budgeting in a Crisis: What to do when your Income Suddenly Drops

As countries continue to increase the restrictions of our normal everyday lives due to COVID-19, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the financial burden that is being placed on Americans right now. In some industries, such as hospitality, working…