Cecil Wilson, Sr.—Housing

When They Came to Guidewell Financial

Disabled Navy veteran Cecil Wilson, Sr., and his wife, Sue, were just about done putting their third child through college when a tuition payment glitch left them two months behind in their mortgage payments. When the Wilsons’ bank suggested they apply for a mortgage modification, they filled out all the paperwork and waited to find out what their new payments would be. Little did they imagine it would turn into a bureaucratic process that would drag on for more than two years. “Then one day, we got a foreclosure notice,” Cecil says. “And they told us we were another $50,000 in debt.” Fortunately for the Wilsons, a Guidewell Financial housing counselor had been asked to attend their first mediation meeting with the lawyer.

How Guidewell Financial Helped

The Guidewell Financial housing counselor was an expert in foreclosures and at-risk mortgages. She worked with the Wilsons over the next six months to help them get in the best financial position to prevent foreclosure, including going with them to three more mediation sessions. “She made it a whole lot easier,” says Cecil. “I had someone who knew what they were talking about I could lean on and talk to. I was comfortable with her.”


Cecil and Sue have made three mortgage payments at their new modification rate. Their Guidewell Financial counselor is still in contact with them as they wait to receive their final paperwork. “And we’re staying in our home,” Cecil says.

“Our housing counselor was in the right place at the right time. She stayed in contact with me through everything. She definitely got us through it”

– Cecil Wilson, Sr.

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