Hosting a Halloween Party that Won’t Haunt your Budget

Budgeting for the holidays

Does Halloween invariably freak out your October budget? Research says it deserves its own line item, with the 175 million consumers expected to spend an average of $86.79 – or $9 billion – on the holiday, according to the National Retail Association.

It is easy to get caught up in the fun and forget to be frugal. Many a costume and decoration has found its way to the graveyard of impulse purchases, haunting you from the place you stored them last year, but can no longer remember. With a little forethought, creativity and DIY elbow grease, you can delight in the fright without saying boo to your budget.

Parties, Pets, Personalities

It’s no surprise Halloween is coming! Decide on a family theme early this year and build around it. Half the fun of the festivities is in the planning!   

One of the biggest expenses are costumes. We’ve all had the experience of searching for a last-minute disguise we know will be destined for the trash heap the next day. Add a child or pet to wardrobe and the cost of store-bought dress up becomes dreadful.

Make-up not masks! Forget sweaty and stinky head coverings made in China. Use cosmetics or cheap face paint, or create a mask you can print and mount on cardboard. Basics like string, cotton balls, glue and markers are back in fashion!

Use your body as a canvas. Mount homemade costumes on a background of neutral clothing. If you are forced to buy a guise, get one that doubles as pajamas.

Fall victim to cuteness! Homemade warms the heart of the maker, the wearer and the admirer. Pinterest is papered with affordable costume ideas for your kids, and maybe even more importantly, your pet! Keep things simple, comfortable and adaptable. And remember, a quirky costume is a talking point!

If you are hosting a get together, carry the theme over to potluck! Send invitations to your friends with creepy party food ideas, like boo-scotti, icky intestines bread, or a skeleton made of fresh vegetables. Tickle your friends’ imaginations and keep people laughing all night!

The truth is a lot of us feel pressure to party, so it isn’t without stress. Stay focused on having the fun you can afford and face your fears! Talk to one of our credit counselors for free advice!

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