Joanne and Candy—Emergency Savings/DMP

When They Came to Guidewell Financial

When Candy and her partner Joanne adopted a son four years ago, it was the start of a very personal journey. For years they had struggled with their finances, and money disagreements had taken a toll. However, a growth in their family brought increased awareness and commitment. She says, “We knew it was time to get our personal finances under control once and for all. However, it took thought and perseverance to make a first step. “I called and hung up several times before I found the courage to stay on the line, but once I met my counselor, I knew I’d made the right choice.” 

How Guidewell Financial Helped

Candy’s counselor didn’t judge or blame; she put her at ease. “She told me, ‘You are taking the first step to solve your problem. You are being responsible.’ That made all the difference to me.” After enrolling in the debt management program, Candy left her session with a sense of hope.  “I knew I finally had a plan.”

Candy says her family’s involvement in the debt management program has brought them closer together.  “We’ve all become more accountable to each other. When we shop, we ask ourselves, ‘Is this something I just want or really need?’ Best of all, our son is learning so much.  He will have seen firsthand what it means to manage money well. It makes me happy and proud knowing we are setting a good example!”

They also participate in the agency’s emergency savings program. “The program makes it easy to build a nest egg. Because our contribution comes out before we ever see it, we don’t really miss it. Having that structure and a financial cushion makes me feel a lot more secure.”


Since working with Guidewell Financial, Candy and Joanne have made clear financial progress. The program has also affected how they view money and relate to each other. “Now we sit down and work on bills together each month. Because we’re living on a budget, there’s a lot less stress and fewer arguments. We know exactly how much is coming in and how much we can afford to spend.”  

“As new homeowners, we’ve become aware of just how costly maintenance can be.  The Guidewell Financial emergency savings program has made it possible for us to prepare for the unexpected.  Now that we are putting money put aside, we no longer worry about how we will weather a major repair.  This definitely gives us increased peace of mind!”

-Joanne and Candy

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