For over 50 years, CCCSMD has been a certified nonprofit provider of budget, credit and debt counseling. We have helped thousands of people who are struggling to pay their bills sort through the confusion, create a realistic budget to achieve their goals, and start on the road to financial security. Our Financial Advocates understand your situation, know how to navigate your challenges and are focused on finding you personalized solutions.

“The biggest challenge I face as a Financial Advocate is convincing people they can find the money to meet their goals. We work through things, step by step, and I show them where to make changes in their day-to-day lives for their long-term financial benefit. Some people are surprised to see for the first time where their money has actually been going. At the end of our session, a lot people tell me they feel like a weight has been lifted and they have a plan.” Stephen, Credit Financial Advocate

Right from the start, working as a financial advocate at CCCSMD has been such a positive and rewarding experience for me. My whole life, all I have wanted to do is help others and at CCCSMD I am able to use my experience and knowledge to do that every single day. I love the way our organization empowers people through the workshops, webinars, blogs and counseling sessions and I am honored to be a part of it. I know firsthand how stressful things like debt, managing money and purchasing a home can be and I am so proud to be able to offer help to anybody experiencing these types of hardships.

I truly admire everybody working at CCCSMD for what they do every day, and I take so much pride in the compassion we all show towards our clients and the dedication we put towards helping each person who contacts us. Whether someone is just starting out and learning how to budget and build credit, or someone is experienced with money and needs guidance on how to maneuver through a rough situation, we are always willing to give each client our full attention and do whatever we can to help. For me personally, the most fulfilling part of my job is the moment when my client realizes there is hope. I have always felt that hope is the seed that grows into our dreams and I love helping people obtain that hope.

On April 29th, I attended the 1st Time Home Buyers Education virtual class hosted by CCCSMD. The class consisted of helpful, detailed information, facilitated by professional, subject matter experts. It was an informative and insightful presentation that provided tools to assist with the home buying process. I look forward to positioning myself for a seamless home purchase.

I took the Credit & Credit Reporting class and was so glad I did. I already knew a little about my credit but did not realize all the additional information that Rose provided in this class. Right after the class I went online and got my 3 free credit reports and started reviewing them. Thanks for taking the time to teach this free class.

I had a great conversation with Cierra and found her extremely helpful. If you have any surveys or way to give feedback about people who work with CCCSMD, I would happily sing Cierra’s praises and would love for her supervisor to know that so far in the many many conversations I’ve had about homebuying, I felt Cierra by far went out of her way to have excellent customer service, to be so warm and personable, and to make a really difficult process feel easy. I cannot speak highly enough of her!

I have been working with CCCSMD over the past three years.  This has been a great service which has allowed me to pay down my outstanding debt […] In the next two months, all of my outstanding debt will be completely paid off!

I want to thank CCCSMD for providing this service, not only for myself, but for the thousands of us who, for one reason or another, find themselves in more debt than they can comfortably pay off while they still continue to pay for rent, car payments, groceries, etc.  It is scary to know this can happen, for a variety of reasons, sometimes not your own fault (illness, medical bills, lay off at work, loss of spouse for any number of reasons) and thankfully you are there to help us get back on our feet and find our ways in a way too credit friendly world. I highly recommend CCCSMD to anyone struggling with debt. I know all too well It can be a very scary place.

Again, thanks so much for your assistance and support over the last three plus years.

I didn’t believe I had the money to pay my debt off. (My Financial Advocate) showed me where I could reduce some of my expenses and put more money towards becoming financially secure.

All I could think about were my bills. I felt like I was on a never-ending treadmill. Now that I have a realistic budget, I’m finally gaining traction on paying off my debt.

I have a lot better understanding of my financial situation. I can see now where I was making some mistakes, but my counselor helped me fix them.

I greatly appreciate everything you walked me through, the home buying seminar and the one-on-one interaction. I learned a lot and I definitely feel better prepared for the responsibilities of homeownership.

It was hard to sleep at night thinking I might lose my home. My Financial Advocate explained my options and helped me work with my lender to make a plan.

From the moment I walked in the door, I didn’t  feel like I was judged or chastised for my situation.