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Lifestyle Choices to Ensure Long-Term Financial Security

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Building financial security is all about finding that balance between planning for the future and living a comfortable lifestyle today. It’s never too late to turn your financial health around and the more committed to a healthy financial…

Budgeting for Travel in Retirement

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Retirement means entering a phase of life where you get to do things you love and have longed to do, like travel. Retirement means an end to the 9-5 grind, but it’s also an end to steady paychecks. This means relying on your savings, pension,…
Budgeting for Savings

Savings Part 1: Budgeting for Savings

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Budgeting for Savings There’s a line item in my budget that I’ve always struggled with – savings.  This should be the easiest line item because it’s my money that I am putting away for myself. But I can’t tell you how many times…

Savings Part 2: Enjoying the Savings Journey

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Enjoying the Savings Journey, One Dollar at a Time I used to get very discouraged with my savings account. As soon as I managed to save $100, some emergency would come up that depleted the balance to zero again.  I knew I wanted to save 3-6…
CCCSMD. Keys to Budgeting Part 3. Setting up a budget

Keys to Budgeting – Part 3 Setting up a Budget

I remember being really anxious when I would make a purchase with my debit card and the machine would ask if the charge amount was OK. Even as I touched YES, I didn’t always know if that was true. Before I started budgeting, I would often…
CCCSMD Keys to Budgeting - Part 2. Income.

Keys to Budgeting – Part 2 Income

With two young children, my tolerance for things being out of control is constantly challenged. There are messes and clutter in every room of the house. The dresser drawers lose their organization just minutes after I put away clean clothes.…