Thomas and Cynthia—DMP

When They Came to Guidewell Financial

Thomas and Cynthia had always had excellent credit. But when the economy took a downturn, and Thomas’s realty business faltered, they went from an annual income of $100,000 to $20,000. Before they knew it, they had charged more than $80,000 on their credit cards, and the payments had become overwhelming. They took a creditor’s recommendation to call Guidewell Financial. 

How Guidewell Financial Helped

“We didn’t know what to expect, and were worried it wouldn’t work, but Guidewell Financial made us feel at ease from the very first moment,” Cynthia says. “Our counselor was encouraging and made it very clear our confidentiality was important to her.” At the end of the session, they decided to enroll in a Debt Management Program (DMP). Using the financial skills their counselor shared with them, they became much more financially disciplined. They took control of their personal budget and learned to live on a cash-only basis. “We found it helpful to use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of our expenses,” Cynthia says.


Thomas and Cynthia were enrolled in their DMP for five years. They made their final DMP payment last year. When they had to relocate for Thomas’s job during that time, they were even able to buy a home. “After plenty of effort, it’s a dream come true,” Cynthia says.  

“Guidewell Financial saved us thousands of dollars. They worked with our creditors to lower our interest. We were able to watch the balances go down quicker with less interest paid to each creditor.” 

– Cynthia

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