Travis Kerr, Homebuyer—Pre-purchase Homebuyer Workshop

When They Came to Guidewell Financial

Ever since he became a Baltimore County police officer, 24-year-old Travis Kerr has been saving to buy a house. Before he invested his money, he wanted to learn as much as he could about buying and owning a home. He heard about Guidewell Financial’s Homebuyer Pre-purchase Workshop and decided the eight hours in the class would be his first smart housing investment.  

How Guidewell Financial Helped

As an HUD-approved nonprofit agency, Guidewell Financial holds regular pre-purchase workshops at its offices in Catonsville, Maryland and Dover, Delaware. Travis learned what he could afford to buy, how to budget, and how to identify the right mortgage loan for his situation. The workshop sessions talked about how negotiation and settlement work and homebuyers’ rights and responsibilities. And they examined the costs of owning a home once you’ve bought it, something that can surprise a new homebuyer. Says Guidewell Financial housing counselor Matt Gregory, “The information we provide is impartial. We aren’t being paid by a specific mortgage company or lender. Clients who come to us gain knowledge and skills that demystify the process and help them make better informed decisions.”


Six months after completing the Guidewell Financial Homebuyer Pre-purchase Workshop, Travis put in a contract on a short sale home. 

“Buying a home is such a big investment. There’s so much to know. The things I learned in the workshop will help me make better informed decisions.”

– Travis

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