Are You Living Within Your Business Means?

The key to achieving long term financial success is to balance your investments and business expenses with your income to ensure that you’re operating within your means. You may need to invest in a variety of products, services, tools and technologies to help your business grow, but these investments should always be made with a sound budget in mind.

Planning for Car Insurance Costs and Changes in Premium Rates

Most people don't think about car insurance until they have to and then it can be a huge shock to learn that rates went up. To help you prepare, here is some valuable information that can help you plan for car insurance costs and changes in…

Top 5 Methods for Bankruptcy Prevention

Something urgent came up.  Someone got sick.  Something broke down. Someone lost their job.  Someone encouraged you to buy those new shoes you had to have! Then $100 of credit card debt turned into $500, and $500 turned into $1,000.  Before you knew it, your family was thousands of dollars in debt trying to recover from unforeseen circumstances. 

Evading and Escaping the Credit Card Trap

When used responsibly, credit cards can be very convenient and useful financial management tools. The various perks, including travel rewards, are hard to ignore; and the cash back rewards are truly free money! Credit cards also offer excellent security and protection against fraud.

Credit Card Debt and the Myths to Consider

Have you ever noticed how frequently you receive credit card offers? They may come in the mail, through email, or when you make a purchase with online retailers.  Often, these solicitations will say that you are pre-approved and that your purchase…

The Five Factors Contributing to Your Credit Score

Have you seen your credit score recently and been less than thrilled with your report? Potential lenders use this score, along with your credit history, to determine your future ability to repay the credit they consider extending you. The first…

Why You Need a Credit Report Review

Have you been getting bombarded with emails about credit reports?  Emails with subject lines like “instant credit report” or “your credit report may have changed” are trying to sell you a product that you can get for free. The Fair…

Why Join a Workshop or Webinar with CCCSMD?

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At CCCSMD, our goal is to help you overcome financial hurdles by teaching you how to manage income, credit, and debt. By teaching our clients how to do this on their own, we know you’ll prosper independently with the skills you need to succeed. With…

Savings Part 2: Enjoying the Savings Journey

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Enjoying the Savings Journey, One Dollar at a Time I used to get very discouraged with my savings account. As soon as I managed to save $100, some emergency would come up that depleted the balance to zero again.  I knew I wanted to save 3-6…

Take Control of Your Debt

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Debt Management Plans vs. Bankruptcy vs. Debt Consolidation vs. Debt Settlement When you carry high levels of consumer debt, it takes an emotional toll on your life.  The worry that looms over you about your ability to pay your creditors…
What is credit counseling

What is Credit Counseling?

Understanding your credit, working towards financial goals, paying debt obligations, and having an awareness of your monthly income and expenses are all part of your financial wellbeing. And, your financial wellbeing impacts every facet of your…
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How Do I Find a Reputable Credit Counselor or Financial Advocate?

Maryland has one of the highest individual debt-to-income ratios in the United States, which is partially due to rising student debt as well as the cost of living with Maryland ranking as the 7th most expensive State to live in. That is understandably…
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Guidewell Financial Joins National Network of Financial Services Innovators

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Guidewell Financial Solutions , a certified, nonprofit housing and credit counseling provider, has joined the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) - a national network focused on consumer financial health – on Financial…
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Happy Small Business Week, From Our Small Business to Yours

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The national Small Business Week logo may feature a series of storefronts, but as a leading nonprofit financial counselor for small business owners, we know that many of them operate outside of Main Street, USA. Maryland has more than 580,000…
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Celebrate America Saves Week by Saving Cash and Building Credit

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What would you do with an extra $300.00? For less than $30.00 per month in savings for the rest of the year, you can find out. Guidewell Financial Solutions, an accredited, nonprofit financial counseling agency is celebrating America Saves…