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GetLifted Program

We are excited to share that we have been selected to be a part of Capital One’s GetLifted program! When we first heard about this program, we thought this was a fantastic way to bring financial education to the communities we serve.  In this article, we will explain all about the program and how volunteers are a part of this exciting endeavor!

What are the goals of the GetLifted program?

The GetLifted project has four key goals that will ultimately bring financial wellness and independence to the individuals and families reached through the program.

1. Increase community financial capability through grassroots knowledge sharing and innovative engagement for people of color, continuing in the communities targeted in the original project.

2. Increase the individual financial knowledge and confidence of Financial Wellness Ambassadors (FWAs).

3. Increase the individual financial knowledge and confidence of community members who attend FWA events.

4. Reduce shame in debt and work towards ending the associated stigma.

What is a Financial Wellness Ambassador (FWA)?

During the next few months, we will be selecting five volunteers to be Financial Wellness Ambassadors or FWAs.  The FWAs will bring financial education into their communities through engaging and unique events.  The FWAs will go through a financial train-the-trainer program to gain all the knowledge and skills they need to share the education through their own social networks. An ideal FWA meets the following criteria:

  • Has a tie to a specific community or neighborhood where they currently maintain social connections.
  • Has demonstrated some form of leadership in the community (e.g., volunteerism, serves on a board or participates in community organizations or activities).
  • Has an informal or formal network within the community.
  • Has experience with or eager to grow skills with public speaking.
  • Is passionate about economic empowerment and serving their own communities.
  • Has the ability to commit to and fulfill all program activities.

What are the expectations of the Financial Wellness Ambassador?

1. Complete a Financial Education Train the Trainer session (total of 15 hours spread over multiple days).

2. Lead a financial education event, reaching a minimum of 30 people, in their own community. These could be classes, events, one-on-one mentoring or hosting group programs. FWA’s are encouraged to be creative in this space!

3. Work to ensure evaluation materials are collected for each person you reach.

4. Stay in regular communication with program coordinator for any questions or changes in ability to fulfill roles and responsibilities.

5. Submit sign in sheets, participant evaluations and a final learnings report, documenting your event successes, challenges and learnings.

6. Try new things to help GetLifted discover innovative and best practices.

What types of events have past FWAs hosted?

FWAs are encouraged to be creative in identifying events where they can spread financial education through their communities. Here are a few examples of what past FWA’s have done:

  • Created video games using personal finance principles
  • Done fishing trips
  • Conducted card games at community events
  • Led events at hair salons (Clips and Credit)
  • Led financial tables at community fairs
  • Provided 1:1 coaching with individuals and families

What are the financial incentives for FWAs?

FWAs will receive up to $5,000 for completing the GetLifted program.  FWAs will also receive a $1,000 budget for hosting their community events.

Application Process

The current application window is closed, as of November 30, 2022, and we are excited to start our selection process!  Stay tuned to hear all about the great things the FWAs are going to do in their communities!